The SDM 852 Jet Pump From Scott

Formerly called the 600, we have renamed this Jet Pump the 852 to reflect its 8.5 inch impellers in a 2-stage version.

The 852 is proving to be very versatile. We have found it works exceptionally well with both small block and big block engines.  This jet pump is out performing the competition in both 16 foot to 24 foot single engine boats and in twin engine boats. The 852’s versatility comes from the wide array of impellers that we offer.  


Boat with trim up.

Boat with trim down.

With so many different impellers available, we can match any engine / boat / use combination you can imagine.  Once the proper impellers are determined for your craft, we can fine tune the jet pump with its removable nozzle inserts.  With the turn of a mere 3 screws, you can easily change the size of the nozzle in a couple of minutes.  Tuning a jet pump has never been this easy!

The 852 is also extremely durable.  The intake casting is beefed up to take even the hardest of hits, while the front stator is stainless steel to take on the rocks and abrasive waters the world has to offer.  Add to that the fact that the 852 comes standard with a stomp grate, skid plate and trim nozzle, you have the most well equipped, versatile, durable and tunable jet pump offered in the industry today.