Everything learned from the race tracks and from river boating is incorporated into the Scott Water Jets to produce the finest jet pumps available today. Scott Waterjets out perform any other brand on the market.

Performance of the Scott Waterjets is unequaled.  This 2-stage design not only gives you an excellent hole shot and mid-range punch, but will also give you an increased top end speed while still packing the load required for back country excursions.  In addition, this combination not only provides superb white water holding ability, but excellent shallow water
performance as well.  This is all accomplished by the fact that you have a larger volume of water being pumped through the jet via two separate impellers sandwiched between two separate stators.  This is performed effortlessly and very quietly due to the balancing and quality control executed by the craftsmen at Scott Water Jets.

The continuing evolution of jet pumps at Scott is reflected in the
entire series of jet units.  These pumps are built to take extraordinary abuse as well as normal use.  Much of the abuse is from Konrad’s fellow Kiwis jet boating the rivers of the world.To further add to the durability of the jet pump, all of the cast aluminum parts are powder coated. One of the additional features that makes the SDM jet pumps out perform the competition is their steering nozzle design.  This unique design allows for a power steering feel in turning.  Most importantly though, it does not allow for any loss of thrust or drop off when turning.  This is very much appreciated when you are picking your way through a large rapid or navigating through the shallows.  The last thing you want to happen in those conditions is to lose any power when you are turning.In the development of the entire jet pump line, Konrad Scott has taken the nozzle design one step further by incorporating a trim system into it.  This unique trim nozzle system is a standard feature of the Scott Waterjets.  Included into the nozzle design is the fact that the nozzle size can be quickly changed by removing three screws and changing the nozzle insert.  This aids in the fine tuning of the jet pump.

All Scott Water Jet series jet pumps are available with a wide variety of impellers and nozzle sizes to match any application you may desire.  Whether it is packing a large load into a remote wilderness location or allowing you to get all the horsepower out of your engine.

New features of all Scott Waterjets are:

  • New high flow intake
  • AB2 Bronze Alloy stator
  • SAF 2205 high tensile main shaft
  • 3 blade stainless steel impellers
  • High flow tail pipe
  • Stainless steel control rods
  • Trim nozzle
  • Salt water ready (does not apply to racing models)