Our trim nozzle allows you to trim your boat out for various load and water conditions just like the outboard and I/O boats do.  This helps in getting out of the hole and on step quicker, improves your ride in rough water and increases your top end speed.  In addition to being able to trim your boat, you can easily change the nozzle opening size with our removable nozzle inserts. This way you can fine-tune your pump to your engine.  To top it off, the patented nozzle design bends the flow of water coming out of the nozzle more efficiently enabling the boat to stay on step much better when turning.

If you would like to have the performance value and ability to tune your pump but don’t need the trim feature, we offer those features in our steering nozzle.

Add some needed thrust to your 2- or 3-stage pump with our High Thrust Impellers.  Our three blade design grabs the water much better and gets you going quicker. Replacing all your impellers with ours you will gain a better hole shot and improve your load packing ability.  Our customers are telling us they are seeing an improvement in their fuel economy as well.  If you can only afford one impeller, then it is recommended that you get our bullet (front) impeller.  With the bullet impeller you will see a gain in your hole shot.  If you get all three impellers, adding our steering or trim nozzle with changeable nozzle inserts tops the package off with a gain in top end speed as well.

Have a worn out stator?  Then replace it with the Scott stainless steel stator and never worry about wearing them out again.  As with all the Scott products, these will replace your existing OEM part and give you a much needed increase in performance.