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The new racing pumps have shown better top end speed while retaining all the performance values of the original race pumps. They also come with the new trim nozzle which has been beneficial to race drivers in improving their track times.Schlagel Marine, LLC Jeff Schlagel, Owner 5321 Wylie Lane Boise, Idaho 83703 208.921.1214 Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm (Mountain Time Zone) jefschlag@hotmail.com - Our trim nozzle allows you to trim out your boat for various load and water conditions just like the outboard and I/O boats do. This helps in getting out of the hole and on step quicker, improves your ride in rough water and increases your top end speed. It also helps haul heavy loads better.We are the sole USA distributor for Scott Water Jet marine jet pumps, racing jet pumps, trim nozzles, and accessories.  Schlagel Marine & Motorsport LLC’s owner, Jeff Schlagel, has been involved in boating since 1975. When Jeff was still in high school, he was lot boy for a local boat dealer. While working there, he was introduced to the sport of river jet boating. Being an avid dirt bike racer and snowmobiler, Jeff was quickly bitten by the jet boat bug. By 1980, Jeff was involved with the Western Whitewater Association. He volunteered to be on the first committee that helped bring river boat racing to Idaho’s Payette River.
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Performance of the Scott Waterjets is unequaled. This 2-stage design not only gives you an excellent hole shot and mid-range punch, but will also give you an increased top end speed while still packing the load required for back country excursions. In addition, this combination not only provides superb white water holding ability, but excellent shallow water performance as well.

Buy Scott waterjet pumps at Schlagel Marine, LLC, 5321 Wylie Lane Boise, Idaho 83703 208.921.1214 Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm (Mountain Time Zone) jefschlag@hotmail.com

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Schlagel Marine & Motorsport LLC is now offering some of the finest off-road motorcycles in the world! Check out our TM RACING MOTORCYCLES. TM Racing makes great bikes, but they are definitely not for everybody. There are, however, a couple of groups who TM Racing really fills a need for . . .the perfectionist.  Want a production bike ready to race?  TM Racing Motorcycles offer motocross, supermoto, enduro and flat track bikes ready to race: with championships in all series to prove it!   Looking for a powerful off road enduro? Check out the TM Racing EN 300 or for motocross try the TM Racing 250 MX.

We are also carrying the complete line of AJP motorcycles! Light weight, affordable dual sport bikes.  Do you remember when performance dirt bikes were affordable? Easy to ride? Had a low seat height? Here at AJP, we’ve never forgotten those principals. In fact, we’ve built our business for almost 30 years now on the premise of offering affordable, 2 Easy 2 Ride, fully-suspended Enduro bikes, with class-leading low seat heights! Curious? Please read on…. AJP is back!

Interested in the Sherco Trials or Enduro motorcycles? Schlagel Marine carries both! Our Enduro motorcycles excel in all terrain. In addition to the smooth, linear power delivery of all Sherco engines, every Sherco motorcycle features an ignition map switch. With a flick of your thumb, you can hot-select between the “Hard” or “Soft” modes which reduce power by five horsepower on the 250/300 four strokes and seven on the 250/300 two-strokes and 450 four strokes. You have exactly the right amount of power for perfect traction in all riding conditions.

it all started way back in 1976 with two friends who had one great love in common: motorcycles and racing.   Thanks to the excellent quality and high performance of their motorcycles, that small Pesaro enterprise became, in just a few years, a force to be reckoned with: TM Racing Motorcycles.


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n 1995, Konrad Scott began building Scott jet pumps. His goal was to build a better jet pump for the growing sport of sprint boat racing in New Zealand. Konrad was very successful doing this, taking a couple of World Super Boat titles himself. In fact, every World Super Boat winner since 1995 has used a jet pump made by Konrad. In sprint boat racing to be competitive currently you need a pump from Konrad Scott.

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